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The mast is one of the important parts of the drilling rig and the workover rig, two-section telescoping mast, front-open, hydraulic cylinders for raising and telescoping, welded by high quality structure steel. It mainly consists of the following components: crown block, upper body, lower body, bearing mechanism, Y-type bracket, monkey board, escape device, raising cylinder, telescopic cylinder and its supporting device, standpipe assembly, guyline assembly and upper and lower body ladders and other components.

Designed and manufactured in accordance with API Spec 4F standards.


* The standing up and putting down the mast is realized by the double-acting variable-level raising cylinder which mounted on the chassis and connected the lower body of the mast with the girder of the chassis. The sticking out and retracting of the mast is realized by two single-acting long telescopic cylinders, and a stabilizer mechanism is arranged in the middle of the telescopic cylinder to ensure the safety and stability of the mast when it is stretched out, retracted and worked.

* ANSYS finite element analysis technique is used to check the load distribution.

* The material of the low temperature mast is low-alloy, high-strength, low-temperature impact-resistance material, and it is welded according to low temperature welding process, so it can meet the requirements of -45 low temperature environment.

Design and Manufacture Standard of Mast

GB/T 23505: Petroleum Drilling and Workover Rigs

SY/T 5609: The types and basic parameters for oil drilling rigs

API Spec 4F: Specification for Drilling and Well Servicing Structures

SY/T 5170: Petroleum and natural gas industries-specification for wire rope

SY/T 5025: Specification for drilling and well servicing structures

API Spec 8A/8C: Specification for Drilling and Production Hoisting Equipment

Technical Specifications

The product models of the mast are as follows: JJ15835, JJ18038, JJ22538, etc.

Technical Specification of Mast


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