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  • Product Name: Rotary Table Drive Gearbox
  • Issue Time: 2019/1/16 22:16:33
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Rotary Table Drive Gearbox


The power of the mobile rig comes from the engine mounted on the chassis,  and then the power will be transferred to the axle, drilling drawworks, rotary table through a variety of transmission gearboxes, chain cases and transmission components. These transmission gearboxes mainly consist of compound transfer gearbox, transfer case (drop gearbox), angle gearbox (compound angle gearbox), rotary table drive gearbox, upper & lower rotary table chain case, etc.


The box body of the rotary table drive box is welded by steel plate or made of integral casting, which is mainly composed of input shaft, output shaft, helical bevel gear, box body, push plate clutch, bearing and other accessories.

The power of the rotary table drive box comes from the input sprocket and then transfer to the output shaft through the air tube disc clutch (also called push plate clutch) and the helical bevel gear. The two gears in the output shaft can be engaged separately, the positive and negative bidirectional power can be outputed to the rotary table through the output flange, and then drive the rotary table rotate forward or reverse.

A set of braking devices is installed on the output shaft, it is used to release the deformation of the drill pipe slowly after the clutch is disengaged, limit the speed of the rotary table and improve the safety performance of the equipment.

Technical Specification

The product models of the rotary table drive gearbox are as follows: ZX110A/ZX110B, ZX140A/ZX140B, etc.

Technical Specification of Rotary Table Drive Gearbox

ZX140B Rotary Table Drive Gearbox

The rotary table drive gearbox also include the following products: Z06110000001AA rotary table drive lower angle gearbox, Z06110000002AA rotary table drive upper angle gearbox, etc.

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