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  • Product Name: Tool Joint Identifier
  • Issue Time: 2019/1/15 22:32:08
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Tool Joint Identifier


The tools joint identifier is a kind of measuring tool, mainly used to measure and identify the size and type of the drill pipe quickly.

The tool joint identifier is a simple and effective way to determine most oil field rotary shouldered connection types. This can be an invaluable tool when the connection identification marking is worn or in question. 

The tool joint identifier can also be combined with a drill bit nozzle identifier, which is used for checking the bit nozzle orifice. Both measuring instruments are combined into a compact and portable ruler format that can be made readily available should a question arise in the field.


Material: stainless steel

Unit: Metric or British

Technical Specifications

The following rotary shoulder connections can be determined by using the tool joint identifier:

* API numbered connections (NC)

* API regular connections (REG)

* Full hole (FH)

* Internal flush (IF)

The size ranges of joint thread that can be measured are as the follows:

* NC typeNC23-NC77

* IF typeIF 5.1/2IF 6.5/8

* REG typeREG 2.3/8-REG 8.5/8

* FH typeFH 3.1/2-FH 6.5/8

Tool Joint Identifier

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